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After global lockdowns forced a world-wide work-from-home incentive, having a job that allows you to bust open a laptop and start work from your kitchen table has never been more necessary. 

The global pandemic that turned 2020 upside down made flexible work not only desirable but imperative. Millions of business owners faced dyer situations that left them unable to feed their families and even keep a roof over their own heads. For those who managed to receive government funding, even furlough doesn’t make you sleep easier at night. 

In such uncertain times, many traditional business owners are seriously considering how they can ensure going forward they can continue to earn an income, even if the rest of the world stands still.

But what if there was a way to not only ensure you could earn a consistent income not only anytime, but anywhere?

On a beach in Bali?

Snowboarding in Switzerland?

Believe it or not, we have a group of leading experts ready to tell you how to do just that. Take it from industy insiders who have developed six-figure online businesses offering them both physical and financial freedom.

What's It All About

Meet Jenny Abouobaia The Affiliate Marketing Expert Running Multiple Six-Figure Businesses From A Red Sea Resort

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The skills of the course instructors are absolutely phenomenal. This is one of the best Affiliate SEO courses available, I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in building their own affiliate business.
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SEo Strategist and Content Manager

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Technical SEO Expert at
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SERP Hack is a course that covers the A-Z of building and growing a niche affiliate site. We look from a complete newbies perspective and talk you through not only how to actually get started with a site, but the business aspects of it. 

We will talk about whether building a niche affiliate site is a viable option, the investment you need to make, and everything you need to be aware of before jumping in. Then we will talk you through the fundamentals of building a strong foundation for a successful site that ranks and earns money from the get-go. We will also talk you through all of the tools you need and how to use them. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to understand what niche affiliate SEO is, how to get started and how they can earn an income from anywhere in the world.

Learning Path

  1. Introduction to the course – who it is for and what it’s about
  2. Meet the instructors
  3. What Are Niche Affiliate Sites
  4. How do they work
  5. Are they profitable
  6. Who are they for
  1. Think like a business
    1. Competitor research
    2. Productivity from the start
  2. Considering the cost
    1. How important it is to understand how much building an affiliate site costs
    2. Common mistakes
  3. Business plan and goals
  4. Scaling Your Business
  1. Introduction
  2. Things to consider
    1. Personal knowledge and experience
    2. Competition
    3. Long term viability
    4. Evergreen
    5. Commissions
    6. Potential for growth
  3. Niche hunting based on affiliate programs
    1. To Amazon or not to Amazon: That is the question
    2. Using Amazon as a springboard
    3. Finding none-Amazon niches
    4. Negotiating affiliate commissions
  4. Estimating the value of a niche
  5. Why you should do keyword research as part of niche selection
  1. Why not wait
  2. Long term keyword research
  3. Considering volume and difficulty
  4. Types of keywords for monetization options
  5. Micro niche opportunities
  6. Out of the box keywords
  7. How to perform keyword research
  8. Ahrefs guide
  9. SEMRush guide
  10. Also Asked guide
  11. Understanding site structure
    1. How KWR comes into play
    2. Expansion opportunities
    3. Potential for growth
  1. Choosing a domain
  2. Things to consider
  3. What’s in a name
  4. Aged or fresh out the box
    1. Benefits of aged
    2. Benefits of new
  5. Where to buy
  6. What to check
  7. Hosting
  8. Things to consider
  9. Recommendations
  10. Installing WordPress
  11. Squeezing the juice
  12. Installing an SSL
  13. Securing HTTPS


  1. Consider the competition
  2. Drag or code
  3. Think about UX
  4. The Importance of CRO
  5. Choosing a theme
  6. Perfect Plugins
    1. Elementor
    2. Elementor Pro
    3. Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg
    4. Premium Addons for Elementor
    5. Gutenberg
    6. Lasso
    7. Nitropack
    8. WP Rocket
    9. Imagify
    10. WP Avatar
    11. WP Cleanup
    12. Ahrefs 
    13. Google Site Kit
    14. Rankmath Pro
  7. Easy Elementor
  8. Sitewide building
  9. Homepage architecture
  10. Single page building
  11. Custom elements
  12. Forgotten pages
  13. Considering accessibility and best practices
  14. Mobile optimization
  15. Core Steps
  16. Setting up menus
  17. Header and footers
  18. Sidebar setup
  19. About pages and author bios
    1. Persona considerations
    2. Being your own brand
    3. Catfish it
    4. Make friends and influence people
  20. Robots TXT and Sitemaps
  21. Page indexing
  22. Schema
  1. Keyword Research…Again
  2. Keyword gap analysis
  3. Topic consideration
  4. Quality over quantity
  5. How much do you need
  6. Write or buy
  7. Content length
  8. SEO Optimization
  9. Introduction to Surfer SEO
  10. Introduction to InLinks
  11. Introduction to Frase
  12. Introduction to Marketmuse
  13. Types of content
  14. Info
  15. Info vs
  16. Roundups
  17. Single Products
  18. Vs Products
  19. Lead magnets
  20. Considering cornerstones
  21. Sub-topic building
  22. Our guide to guidelines
  23. The importance of SOPs
  24. Writing for humans not spiders
  25. Using content to become a brand
  26. Optimize for position zero
  27. Give them the answer straight away
  28. Offer the opportunity to skip ahead to what they are looking for
  29. Write content that is informative and engaging
  30. Consider UX within design elements, even within the content itself
  31. Utilize “People Also Ask” for FAQs
  32. UX Optimization
  33. Customizing Images
  34. Infographics
  35. Custom Videos (explainer / unboxing)
  36. Quizzes
  37. CRO Optimization
  38. Keeping them on the page
  39. CTAs, CTAs, CTAs
  40. It’s all about the emotion
  41. Affiliate links
    1. Creating links
    2. Link cloaking
    3. Using plugins
    4. Stand out designs
  42. Uploading content
    1. Building blocks
    2. Adding images
    3. Meta descriptions
    4. Titles
    5. Headings
    6. URL structure
    7. Internal links
    8. External links and link attributes
    9. Reading time
    10. Today’s date
    11. Product box inserts
  1. Introduction to GSC
  2. Submitting your sitemap
  3. Introduction to GA
  4. Bing Webmaster
  5. Introduction to Lighthouse
    1. Checking vitals
    2. SpeedInsights
    3. Consider AMP
  6. Site Audits
    1. Intro to Ahrefs
    2. Intro to SEMRush
    3. Intro to Sitebulb


  1. To make real a catfish: Persona optimization
  2. Setting up business email and why you need one
  3. Social Media is your friend
    1. Facebook page
    2. Twitter
    3. Pinterest
      1. Tailwind
    4. Linkedin
    5. Youtube
    7. IFTTT
    8. Beefing up the followers
    9. SEMRush social media scheduler
  4. Link building: The introduction
  5. White-hat methods
    1. HARO
    2. Guest Posts
    3. Niche edits
    4. Skyscrapers
    5. Web 2.0s
    6. Press releases
    7. Social signals
  6. Nice to meet you Mr. Grey
    1. Introduction to PBNs
    2. Tier II
    3. Powering up the spider’s web
  7. Once you go Black-hat, you can never go back
    1. What is black-hat link building
    2. Are there any benefits
    3. What are the dangers
    4. How to avoid black-hat sellers
  8. Backlink audits
  9. Weeding out the spam: SEMRush link audit tool
  10. Considering what works: Competitor analysis


  1. Introduction to site maintenance
  2. Why general housekeeping is important
  3. Fresh content
  4. Content gaps
  5. Refresh and rewrite
  6. Build with basics


  1. Timeline
  2. Cost analysis
  3. Considerations
  4. Patience is a virtue
  5. Next Steps
  6. Scaling Up
  7. Continue Learning

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